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Kotlin Whitepaper: Development Plan

This paper provides a recommendation for development teams to adopt Kotlin. It explains why Kotlin features will improve current Java development, reducing overhead cognitive burden, which will allow developers to focus on creating value for customers.


Kotlin Sealed Classes in Action

Kotlin's Sealed Classes allows for more concise and clean code. Here is a step by step guide on how to use Kotlin's Sealed Classes through the example of an Android application.


Truffle Shuffle onto that Android App

The story of how I went from developing a custom Android UI component for the TurboTax mobile app to open sourcing my first Android library.

kelly-sikkema-YK0HPwWDJ1I-unsplash (2).j

Open Source: Where are the Women?

Open source is essential to developers. It gives them the opportunity to build a community and be part of existing ones; to innovate through new challenges; to invest in their own skills. Why do women only make up 6% of the Open Source community?


Reactive Programming, Project Reactor, Spring WebFlux, Oh my!!

Reactive programming solves two important things: performance and memory. It will save you money and, more importantly, create a faster experience for your users. Gain a high-level understanding of what reactive programming is and how you can use it.

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