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Katie Levy

Software Engineer



I'm a software engineer at Amazon Fashion in New York City.


With my focus primarily on backend-development, I am an advocate for the Spring framework and Kotlin, the programming language. Previously, I worked at Intuit in San Diego, developing backend services and Android applications for TurboTax.


Originally from Seattle, I made my way to California and graduated from the University of San Diego, majoring in Computer Science.


I am passionate about encouraging a positive work culture for engineers to do the best work of their lives. Whether it is Android development, server-side development, functional programming, or developing full web applications in Kotlin, I have a fierce dedication to always be learning and improving my skills as an engineer. I am helping to close the gender gap and contribute back to the community through mentoring at local schools, continued involvement with recruiting, presenting to peers, and taking risks.

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Media Coverage


Oct 25, 2019

How To Get Your Ideas Heard—Even When You’re Entry-Level

"In just a month, via one-on-one trainings, webinars, white papers and seminars, Shelby and Katie introduced and trained the Intuit engineering brand on Kotlin, and are now speaking at leading engineering conferences on how others can do the same. I interviewed the inspiring ambitious duo for their tips on driving company change from an entry-level role."


Shelcy V. Joseph, Forbes

Image by Júnior Ferreira

November 25, 2019

How two junior Intuit engineers helped their team adopt Kotlin within a month

"As two relatively junior developers at financial software provider Intuit, Shelby and Katie didn’t only have to take on the challenge of building out training programs and providing resources to thousands of developers across Intuit, they also had to negotiate internal hierarchies and politics that can prove resistant to change."


Richard Gall, Packt


January 7, 2020

How to Make an Impact in a Male-Dominated Industry, from Women Who’ve Done It

"Women make up less than 30% of the tech workforce...it’s incredibly important for women technologists to have the freedom (and cultural support) to learn, experiment, bring new ideas, and influence decisions within and beyond their teams. Software Engineers Katie Levy and Shelby Cohen seem to have found the secret sauce."